About the Author

My name is Vera J. Skye, but I am not whom I go by. I’ve chosen this as my pseudonym for a few reasons. One reason is I don’t care to ruin anyone’s reputation that may be written into my stories. Another big one is it’s whom I connect with. If someone were to scream out the name Vera, I’d be sure to turn my head in their direction. I felt a connection to this name ever since I first heard Pink Floyd singing Vera through our record player when I was a child. By choosing a pseudonym, I’m freer to say certain things and change around certain minute details I can’t exactly remember anymore. Another reason is I choose not to mix my job and what I do at work with who I am as a writer. It’s just easier this way.

Oddly enough, I never wanted to publish my work years ago. When asked, I made many excuses for why this was. I’ve come to realize it wasn’t so much I didn’t want to have my work public for the world to see, and it was more that I didn’t want to be taken the wrong way. I didn’t want my work to show I was a victim in any way. And taking a look back at old writings, it’s exactly how I portrayed myself to be in a good majority of it all. I intend to have my work (this book, at least) published under the genre of personal transformation/development, as this is exactly what this experience has been for me. I want to help others to see there is, if not a bright side, a lighter one. I plan on much of my work to be published under this type of light, even if not always under the genre of personal development.

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